Thursday, December 03, 2009

Facebook status

Some mornings when I go to post my status on Facebook, I'm overwhelmed by the number of statuses I could post. For example, here are some of the options that ran through my head today:

Hillary Foy Dickman...
  • is thinking that the man across the street should take his car somewhere ELSE to fix it instead of running it constantly in front of her house with the hood up. (Today is day three of trying to fix the man's very loud car.)
  • is making her hard-working husband a strong cup of coffee.
  • thinks her hard-working husband might work fewer hours and make more money if he were a lawyer trying to make partner. (Is there a law school in the Springs?)
  • doesn't like waiting for milk to scald but loves homemade yogurt! (As I waited and waited and waited, not wanting to take my eye off of the hot milk for fear of the whole pot boiling over.)
  • could down a jar of Nutella for breakfast this morning. (I hate admitting my tendency to overindulge.)
  • isn't sure whether she can stomach going to her church knowing that her pastor may be a climate change skeptic. (If anyone knows of a church for a fiscally conservative pro-life rock-n-roll-worship-loving environmentalist who requires perfect grammar from her pastor, let me know. Right. Good luck.)
  • is wondering where she can get a snowsuit to sleep in. Brrr. (Odd, considering the previous status.)
  • is thrilled that the cat who was stuffed in a potato sack in the back of that mean man's pickup escaped from said sack before the mean man who stuffed her in the sack tossed the whole sack in the river! (This one seemed a bit too wordy, but I remain deeply disturbed by what I saw and did loudly cheer for the kitty as she escaped.)
  • should really get some work done.
  • thinks the weather during the last three days could not be more perfect.
I'll spare you the rest of my ramblings. I just needed an outlet for all that has been running through my head. If not for Facebook, maybe my mind could be quiet for a bit. Maybe?

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3boys247 said...

Off the subject but thought you would like to know we have actually read the same book. I read The Secret Life of Bees too. Who would have thought that could happen? :)