Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My pack

Shortly after we arrived here, I looked up Cesar Milan's website to see if he had any tips for dealing with street dogs. He is, after all, from Mexico and I figured if anyone knew how to deal with street dogs, it would be the Dog Whisperer himself.

As it turns out, Cesar's audience must not have problems with street dogs. I guess that's what happens when your show is on the National Geographic channel and not Telemundo. He was no help. But, there was one little nugget of information that I found interesting. When Cesar was growing up in Mexico, he had such a way with dogs that a pack formed around him and followed him around town. The people in his village called him El Perrero, or The Dog Man.

I am no Cesar Milan. I can no better make an obsessed dog chill out than I can bake a wedding cake. Nevertheless, our neighborhood dogs seem to have taken a liking to me and today when I walked to our MiniSuper and back, I had no fewer than seven dogs following me (including Libbie, of course).

Talk about embarrassing.

At least they were following me, though. I mean, it could have been worse. They could have been running out in front of me, jumping on me, biting my fingers, wrestling with each other, barking at passing cars, chasing ATVs, attacking chickens, terrorizing kittens...all the normal Mexican street dog stuff. But they weren't. They were following me.

I tried to act like it was no big deal and like I didn't really know they were there. I tried to be aloof, hoping that if I acted like they were invisible, nobody else would see them, either. Unfortunately, that didn't work and multiple Mexican men made comments as I passed.

No son míos!" They're not mine! No, really, they're not, I told them. But anyone watching would have assumed otherwise.

I don't want to be the dog lady. I'm no perrera. But when I leave my house, there are days when I don't have much of a choice. I become a perrera whether I like it or not.

This whole dog situation has become quite a sticking point for Scott and me. He's not feeling well anyway (that's a whole other post) and between work, screaming kids, aches and pains, the neighborhood dogs are just one more point of stress for him in an already stressful existence.

My little pack of dogs, as much as I genuinely do enjoy them, will not be missed when we leave next summer.


lucythevaliant said...

I think I need some pictures of this situation!

Fulton said...

totally, pictures of you walking down the street with 7 dogs following you needs to be on the blog.

i will happily take the role as "the dog man" in February.

Hillary Dickman said...

Yes, please, someone photograph me with my pack and make it a bigger scene! The people in my neighborhood must think I'm nuts already, so why not?

Laureen said...

Aww, you are such an animal lover and care about these poor dogs. The dogs can sense this. They will miss you when you go back to Colorado.