Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wake up call

6AM this morning.

A band, I know not whether it was a high school marching band or just a bunch of yahoos out with a brass and drums, gave us a wake up call this morning.

At 6AM!

Who marches down the street playing band music at 6AM? On a Saturday morning? Or ever, really? And how early did they have to get up to be on the street at that hour?

Seriously? Seriously? SERIOUSLY!

And here's what's wasn't the first time we got this wake up call!

A few weeks ago we awoke to some kind of marching band playing ridiculously early in the morning. I actually don't know where the music was coming from -- it could have been a block away, but it sounded like they were walking past our house.

And it's not like this was part of the high school band's two-a-days. I have heard from people in the know that the high school band practices before school, but they do it on the other side of to the home of the people in the know. The people in the know get to hear the high school band every morning. And the high school band isn't as in tune as this band was, although our wake up call still sounded pretty crappy at 6AM.

Here's to hoping the Mexican marching band sleeps in tomorrow.

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Laureen said...

I have visited with you twice now, and have come to the conclusion that Mexican people sleep very little. Especially since the roosters crow at all times of the night. I thought roosters only crowed at the break of sunrise!