Sunday, January 10, 2010

The best parenting advice

After watching me change puked-on crib sheets over and over again, my mother-in-law told me, "When our kids were sick, we used to layer a few bath towels on their bed so that every time they threw up in bed, we could just wipe off their faces, peel off a bath towel, and put them back to bed." That was you who shared that bit of wisdom with me, wasn't it, Laureen?

The advice was genius. Genius!

I read several parenting books before my kids were born (and after, too), but nowhere did anyone say anything about this very important advice. So I am revealing the secret here for all of you!

Cleaning up puke sucks. Especially in the middle of the night. So why not make it easy on yourself? And when you come across advice like this, remember it, people!

Somehow, I forgot the towel trick (probably because Callie managed to hit the toilet with her first two puking episodes on Friday night) and I put Callie to bed with NO protection. Not only that, but clean sheets, too! Because she wet the bed the night before! And changing sheets, comforters, and mattress pads all at the same time is not really my thing. Not to mention shoving the mattress out on the neighbor's roof to dry in the sun. That's not so much fun, either.

Anyway, once we realized that Callie had puked while sleeping and we had to wake her up to clean up her face, her jammies, and her bed, I remembered the towel trick. And it worked like a charm.

I'm getting to practice it a lot since now Brynn has the same stomach bug that Callie had on Friday. So one the way home from Costco tonight, as we drove down a very dark, very curvy jungle road, she let it rip out the window of Scott's Cherokee.

And then when we got home she repeated it on the cover of the closed toilet.

And then again on the towels we had layered on the bed! That was the easiest one to clean up.

Well...maybe the car will be easier because I'll be paying someone else to do that one.

Here's the rule (it's not totally accurate, but it rhymes): When there's a bug in the bowels, layer with towels.

Do me a favor, would you? Think up another bit of rhyming advice (or a better rhyme for the towel advice) and post it for me in the comments.


lucythevaliant said...

This is parenting advice GOLD. I will adhere to it from now on!

Laureen said...

Love the rhymn. I always made sure the sick kids had a large bowl or waste basket next to their bed also incase they didn't make it to the bathroom. I agree with you, sheets are a pain to change, especially those on the beds you have in Mexico. Towels are a much easier clean up!!

Hillary Dickman said...

This time through, my kids had to puke in a large plastic yogurt container (which is actually very small) because I couldn't find a bucket big enough for them. Wastebasket, duh. Why didn't that occur to me?

Grandpa Foy said...

A towel in the left in the vanity won't help maintain your sanity

When a kid gets sick, a towel on the bed does the trick

A well placed towel will make you hoot like an owl

A towel in the bed will keep you from losing your head

Hillary Dickman said...

Dad, I had no idea you're a poet! Thanks for those! Anyone else out there want to leave a rhyme for me?