Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Doggies, doggies everywhere.

I think it is time for a quick update on the plethora of dogs in our lives.

Sweet, skinny Petunia (who now is actually called The Dog Formerly Known as Petunia or possibly Luna), found a perfect home in the jungle. Her new person is a single man who can focus on her completely and give her all the attention she needs. As a person who is new to dogs, he's called a few times to ask questions about her behavior and how to care for her and he is definitely attached to her and taking great care of her. Petunia went from being the dog we thought we'd never be able to give away (due to her love of chasing cars, ATVs, cats, and chickens, as well as her general distrust and disinterest in humans) to being the one who quickly and easily found a very happy ending.


Effervescent, not-a-care-in-the-world Bubbles is becoming an adult. She hasn't lost her gigantic ears or paws, but she is a bit less trustful of me and less "I'll follow you to the ends of the earth and do anything that you ask" than she was when she first arrived. I think this is partly because she is outgrowing puppyhood and becoming more independent, but also because my treatment of her has been inconsistent, ranging from "Sure, Bubbles, come inside and hang out with us," to "I'm sick of you wrestling with Libbie in my family room! And I have no crate that will contain you! Get outside!" Not to mention that Bubbles knows that we treat Libbie as if she were one of our children, while Bubbles is relegated to the role of a normal dog (mostly because I can't trust her inside the house and she manages to let herself out of our crate so I don't have a good way to train her).

Her presence has also created tension in the relationships in our family. The girls can't keep her outside when Scott and I want her outside, so they get into trouble. Bubbles sneaks through the fence and ends up in the house when Scott doesn't want her here, so I get into trouble. She's a puppy and sometimes acts like a puppy and we all get annoyed. By no means is she a bad dog, she's just a dog we weren't expecting to be caring for for this long. Like when a friend drops her kid off for a playdate and never comes back to pick the kid up.
Or comes back really late. That's kind of how it has been.

Recently I emailed all of the animal-rescue people in the area (Vallarta has several gringo newspapers who will post descriptions of animals up for adoption and a few organizations that help facilitate adoptions). In this process, one organization I found out about is called Mexi Mutt. They're a rescue organization who works with families in British Columbia, Canada, to adopt out small and medium sized Mexican dogs (apparently the shelters in that area have mostly large dogs, so by importing Mexican mutts they are filling a need for people who wants small or medium sized dogs without those people having to buy from a pet store or a breeder). Bubbles fits the size requirements for Mexi Mutt and may be making a flight to Canada in March to find a great home there. For me, this would be the best possible outcome for Bubbles!

Why would this be the best outcome for Bubbles? First of all, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be able to run home to us from Canada. Some people have said that when we drive home to Colorado, if we leave her here (although I would never just leave her here on the street), she'll show up on our porch about a week after we get home. Yes, she wants to be our dog that badly. Secondly, Mexi Mutts is very selective when choosing adoptive families which always leads to better outcomes for the dogs. If we were to adopt her out to a random family here, I'm not certain that she wouldn't end up back on the street. If everything works out, she might possibly be flying to Canada the first week in March (keep your fingers crossed)! I will let you know how that turns out.
Maybe I should knit her a sweater...

Seen here sporting the lastest in doggie fashion, Brynn's blanket, "Bubba." Only in a house with two little girls, right?

This dog jumped into our lives within moments of our arrival in town. Some cat food had spilled in the trunk of the Cherokee during our drive down, and as we were unloading the car she hopped right in to eat up the food for us. Thoughtful girl, eh?

After her leg was broken when she was hit by a car in September, I took her for surgery to repair the damage. Unfortunately, the first surgery didn't work and she had to have a second surgery at the end of December. By now, the leg has atrophied and she has forgotten how to use it. Our vet has recommended physical therapy (ie: me swimming with her for 20 minutes per day) and/or acupuncture. Uh...yeah...she's not my dog. Technically, she belongs to the family across the street, although since discovering Libbie's cushy Costco dog bed, she's become enamored with us and I have to kick her out of our house to get her to go home.

I did try taking her swimming this week and she did use the leg to keep herself from drowning. But, I don't think that's something I can do often enough to get her leg functioning again. In the meantime, I have been trying to fatten her up but she is not voraciously hungry so it hasn't been easy.

For Alondra, the best outcome will be if we can get her using all four legs again and get her Mexican family to feed her and act like they care about her. Yeah, um, reach for the moon, right? Sigh.

I'll leave you with this...a photo my brother took of me with a few of the dogs in my pack, plus a pregnant mama who, despite our best efforts, followed us home from the beach.


Laureen said...

Bubbles sundress is coming! You can parade her around San Pancho and let her advertise herself being up for adoption.

Fulton said...

ugh... Alondra's story just kills me. I'm not going to deal well with seeing her. And I can already see what's coming with the pregnant Mom dog... you just won't be able to resist!