Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An evening at the beach

You've already seen some photos from a recent evening at the beach. Here are a few more...

Bubbles already has three great families interested in adopting her when she gets to Canada next month. Hooray!

Happy Callie.

My girls LOVE to dig in the sand. It is never-ending entertainment for them.

She can be thoughtful...for about two seconds.

Brynn intends to win some races someday.

Scott doesn't get to go to the beach much, so when he does, he REALLY takes it all in.

Doodling in the sand is another favorite beach pastime for the girls.

Baby turtles!

Watching the turtles go.


Fulton said...

it's very painful to think about the fact that we were there a little over a week ago. i miss it a lot. also, i might make bubbles my new background on my computer. glad to hear she's got some good families wanting her!

Laureen said...

Yay for Bubbles!!! Thanks for the pictures, love them!!!