Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The next post

It's tough to come back and write when, as I pull up our blog, all I see is Alondra's face.

But here I am.

The last few days have been busy and have kept my mind off that missing four-legged gimp who pushed her way into our lives. Scott's sister and her husband are here visiting, which has been a perfect distraction from life here...or maybe their visit has caused me to focus on how great life here is.

Showing someone around always seems to me like the best way to see the place where you live. When I lived in the Bay Area, I had frequent visitors during breaks from college in Ohio. I saw parts of the City I'd never seen before and enjoyed the City in ways I wouldn't have otherwise...even if my visitors NEVER got to ride a cable car because it was WAY too touristy for me. Having visitors here in Mexico has provided similar opportunities, but I've tried not to shy away from the "touristy" stuff. Nobody is going to mistake me for a native anyway, right?

Since arriving here we've had about six sets of visitors, I think, and each one has provided an opportunity to see our lives here through different eyes. Through them, I've learned that it is unusual to eat in a "restaurant" that is nothing more than plastic chairs and tables set up on the sidewalk. I now know that roosters keep some people from sleeping through the night, as do squawking geckos and barking dogs. Most people don't appreciate being driven at top speed across cobbled roads with frequent speed bumps. Almost everyone is amazed that we can get just about everything we need from the trucks that drive by our house throughout the day. I think we've figured out that we can get everything except milk and meat. Mattresses, ice cream, veggies, fruits, brooms, mops, cleaning solutions, shrimp, fish, toys, doughnuts...pretty much all we need. Most visitors are awed by the sunsets and the sound of the crashing waves. Some don't like being surrounded by dogs constantly, and others seem to thrive on it. When confronted with our dusty tile floors, some people sweep, some tell me I need to sweep, and others just keep their shoes on and their mouths shut. Some people are utterly worn out by life here and go to sleep early. Others are night owls like I am and manage to get up with the roosters the next morning.

As far as we know, this is our last set of visitors which leaves me wondering what I'm going to do for the next four-ish months. We were mostly sick for the first two months, I had work to do for a month or so after that, we've had visitors for almost two months now, and starting tomorrow I'm going to need something else to do! Baby books? Those need work. Training Bubbles? That should keep me going until she moves on to her new home. Hiking? Exploring? Cooking? Reading? Catching up on tv shows I've missed?

Maybe I could just find some more work -- that is probably the best idea!

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