Monday, February 22, 2010

The perfect excuse

This morning I happened upon this Wall Street Journal article about how parents can exploit their children's interests in order to do something the parent has always wanted to do.

I love it.

I especially love it because Brynn's newest passion is travel.

"I don't ever want to go anywhere I've already been," she declared recently, much to Callie's dismay.

"What about Disneyland?" Callie asked, in a panic.

"Nope," said Brynn. "I've already been to Disneyland. And I don't like princesses anymore."

Callie nearly passed out.

When I present the Five Love Languages in my Interpersonal Communication classes, I teach something similar to what is at the core of the WSJ article. One of the Five Love Languages is called Quality Time.

If your spouse, daughter, son, or friend's love language is Quality Time and you want to show that person that you love them, you must spend time with them, but not just time sitting in front of the TV. It has to be interactive time. Here are the requirements. It must be an activity that:

1. the other person wants to do.
2. you are willing to do.
3. you both know why you're doing it -- to express love by being together.

So, the questions is, is Quality Time one of Brynn's love languages? Um, yeah, I think it might be. Because the girl wants to go to Paris. Oh, and she wants to go to France, too.

I suppose taking her to Paris would be the best way to teach her that it is, actually, a city in France.


Bri!!! said...

I love the five love languages. Such a great book. I used to run a group about that at Second Nature (therapy program). The kids always LOVED it. It's such an important concept. Quality time is definitely my secondary love language, but it goes hand in hand with my first.

Hillary Dickman said...

Funny that your kids loved it -- mine always do, too. In fact, on my teaching evaluations, I routinely have students leave a note saying that the Love Languages topic was the most applicable of everything we covered throughout the semester. I think it provides such an easy framework for communicating love to the people around you.