Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Planning a trip

I'm booking plane tickets today for a late spring break trip to Chicago and Michigan where we'll visit Scott's parents. Here are some thoughts I had today while booking the tickets.

  • Oooh...a three hour layover in Phoenix. Is that long enough to run to In-n-Out Burger? Scott says he has no desire for In-n-Out. Maybe he can stay in the airport with the girls and the luggage while I get a burger.
  • Yikes, no, I can't fly via Denver. I am pretty sure I would get off the plane and never get back on.
  • Hmmmm...this is going to cost 19,000 pesos? If a taco here costs 8 pesos, how many tacos could I get for 19,000 pesos?
  • Seriously? The Cubs are going to be in Milwaukee while we're in Chicago? Major bummer.
  • I hope there is no late spring Midwestern snowstorm or we'll all freeze our rear ends off.
  • Who flies NORTH for spring break?
But, alas, the tickets are now booked so we will be spending the girls' second spring break (they get two weeks at Easter and another week and a half at the end of April/beginning of May) in the Midwest.

Scott and I are both looking forward to seeing how the girls react to their first trip back to the States. No trash on the street? No mama dogs wandering around? No dirt? No dust? No burning piles of leaves? Just overpriced taxis and hot dogs.

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Lisa Sharp said...

I love In-N-Out! I go there way to much anytime I'm in California. :)