Sunday, March 14, 2010

The big birthday party

There was no guest list, no idea how many kids would show up, and no RSVPs...well, okay, two RSVPs. From gringo families, of course.

It was a wild party. About as wild as you can get with sixteen or so three to seven year olds running around. One of the kids was a friend of a neighbor. We'd never seen her before, but she cracked open the piñata like a pro, leading us to believe that she is a party crasher. It was clearly not her first, or even hundreth, piñata.

Callie threw a few fits, including one where she said she didn't want ANY Spanish spoken at her party. She was temporarily sequestered after that fit. Other than that, she seemed to enjoy the day!

Special thanks to my dad and Scott for taking over the camera during the party. Most of these are their shots, straight out of the camera, unedited because I'm in a bit of a rush.

The cake says "Happy Birthay Callie." I was thrilled the panadero got even that close!
Callie is NOT afraid to attack a piece of birthday cake.

Callie reaching for the piñata.

The girl in the front in purple was the party crasher. She can whack a piñata.

Callie got a few presents, which was just enough. Presents are not part of the birthday culture here.

One of the craft projects Callie wanted to do was to make dancing ribbons like Angelina Ballerina's ribbon. So, ninety meters of ribbon later, the girls really had fun with them!

Here is Callie putting together the other craft she wanted to do -- paper flowers on sticks.

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Fulton said...

her No-Spanish fit made me laugh really really hard. also, it's nice to see the pictures and be familiar with where the party was in the house. Gotta love that Palapa.