Friday, March 26, 2010

Eyes, shut.

The puppies are two weeks old and still have their eyes shut! Well, all but one eye. Renegade, true to his name and his aggressive spirit, opened his eye first. That was yesterday. Today he's still getting along with just one eye open.

Mama Milly's kennel cough seems to be history and the puppies are recovering from theirs quickly. Mama is on a twice-daily children's vitamin (pharmaceutical grade -- only the best for Mama Milly) as well as probiotics and fish oil to help keep her and her puppies healthy. All of the vitamins and supplements seem to be working -- I haven't seen the puppies blow nose bubbles in almost twenty four hours!

We carried the puppies outside for the first time today so that we could get some photos of their adorable squishy little faces and floppy little bodies. Mama was okay with all the activity. She kept a close eye on the puppies but didn't try to carry them back to their nest and, for the first time, didn't growl at Libbie when she got close to the puppies. We're making good progress!

Right now the puppies are lounging outside with Brynn and Callie and some friends. One puppy per girl sounds like a great ratio to me! And, so far, no puppies have been dropped. Keeping my fingers crossed.

First up...Mama Milly. The hero of the bunch. She is adjusting really well to life here. She barks when new people come around, so she must feel pretty at home! Her tail wags like crazy whenever she sees any of us, and she bays like a Beagle who's treed a squirrel whenever we come home.

She is SUCH a great Mama. She spends time away from the puppies during the day but always goes back for feedings.

Like all mamas, she's tired. This is a Mama Milly yawn. As you can see, she's missing quite a few teeth. Luckily, her lack of teeth doesn't cause her to miss any meals!

This is Rosie, named by Callie. She is the smallest of the litter and is Callie's favorite.

From left to right we have Renegade (see his little eye open?), CJ, and Rosie. Rubicon was off exploring when I took this photo.

Renegade and CJ.


CJ smiling for the camera. He is my personal favorite. I think he's going to have long floppy ears like Mama Milly and has a great attitude so far. If I could keep one, it would be CJ.

Rosie, Rubicon, and Renegade.




Fulton said...

what do you think the dad's breed is? not sure I can tell at this point. puppy dogs are the cutest, love the pictures. sounds like Mama Milly is expressing her appreciation for such a nice home for her pups.

Hillary Dickman said...

The gigantic heads on Renegade and Rubicon make me think that the dad is a Pit, and there are plenty of intact Pits around here, but who knows? Maybe it is normal for puppies to have gigantic heads, sort of like babies' heads are disproportionately big? I remember from developmental psych that we grow cephalo-caudal -- head to tail.

Vicki said...

I was at the Acopio and noticed the Beagle under stress Silva came along and we took her out and realized she was pregnant. Silvia had the staff seperate her from the other dogs and then you came along ! Thank you so much for fostering this lovely poor creature. I know someone will come along who will give her the best home and all the love she deserves. So nice when things turn out so well.And thank you for the blog so nice to see her happy!