Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Puppy love.

When the word went out from a local non-profit that there was an old pregnant Beagle at the pound who needed a foster home where she could deliver and care for her pups, resistance was futile. If you think the pound in America seems dismal, the pound in Mexico is like torture. This poor pregnant grandma was stuck in a dark cell with ten big dogs, most of them male, who were fighting constantly and trying to mate with her. As far as I can see, she has no teeth in the front. How was she supposed to defend herself? She was eventually moved to a cell by herself and then PEACE Mexico came to her rescue, looking for foster homes for her. One kind woman stepped up and fostered her for a few days before she had to leave town and then we took over. We will keep her until the end of April.

Mama Milly at the pound.

This old Beagle mix, who we have named Mama Milly, gave birth to two puppies before I picked her up last week. In the car on the way home, she gave birth to another, and then four more once we arrived home. One of them died right away and two more died the second night. They were so small and they looked so perfect -- it was tough to see them go. The remaining four (three boys and one girl) seem healthy. In honor of the one who was born in the car (who we named Cherokee), we are going to give the rest of them Jeep names, as well. Well...except the girl. Callie insists on naming her Rosie and she's not budging. I think the other three will be Renegade (the big bruiser), Rubicon (the explorer), and CJ (the littlest guy).

These lucky pups will be fostered until they are eight weeks old at which time they'll be sterilized (along with Mama Milly) and then adopted out via the SPCA of PV or any other means we can find. I'd be happiest if we could find homes for all five of them in Canada or America, or here with Canadians or Americans, but any home is better than no home. Or my home. Scott has made it clear that we will NOT be taking home more than one dog.

So...if you're looking for a puppy or a very sweet, toothless, old mama dog, let me know! I'd be happy to get their vaccinations and health certificates and find them a flight to a city near you!

This is how Mama Milly spends most of her day. Makes me glad my kids are past this stage!

Baby Rosie

Pile o' puppies, awaiting mama's return.

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