Monday, April 12, 2010

The marathon spring break

When I mentioned on Facebook that our marathon spring break was finally coming to an end, an old friend quipped that at first he thought I was referring to our year here in Mexico, but then he realized that I was talking about the kids' actual spring break. Yes, their actual spring break. Their actual spring break is two weeks long.

The week before Easter is called Semana Santa and the week after is Semana Pascua, and both weeks are very popular times for families all over the country to head out of town to visit relatives or spend time at the beach or just take a break from life in general. Because we live in a beach town, our town was flooded with visitors during spring break. The beach went from averaging maybe one hundred visitors per day to several hundred, maybe even a thousand on the busiest days. Volunteer lifeguards took shifts pulling ill-equipt swimmers out of some deadly waves and enterprising townspeople sold pizza and other goodies on the beach. Thankfully, the year-long road construction project on Third World Avenue (the main drag) was finished up by members of the community who banded together to make the road passable on the day before spring break commenced.

Since Scott was working during spring break, we stuck around and let the girls be entertained by the puppies. I feared that spring break would be the longest two weeks of my life, as I tried to keep the girls from interrupting Scott's constant conference calls. While we did have our share of trials, it actually passed pretty quickly, dotted with playdates and trips to Grandpa's condo to enjoy the pool and the cable TV.

This morning I am sweeping the house, starting some laundry, and embarking on day two of Project Paper Train. My hope is that by Wednesday, the puppies will realize that the newspaper is their toilet and they should hit it whenever possible instead of just letting loose wherever they happen to be. Oh, and I'm attempting to wean them, too, but Mama Milly, being a very dedicated and experienced Mama, is not cooperating fully. I just keep reminding myself...breastmilk is best. Maybe all of the milk from Mama Milly will help make up for the puppies' sad lack of prenatal care and their stressful in-utero existence? That is my hope. I am afraid they will be in for a sad surprise in a week and a half when we leave for vacation and the puppies are separated from Mama!

Here are a few photos from the tail end of our break.

Oh, how I wish I could see this happen more often.

He says he doesn't want another dog, but I think he's softening.

Who wouldn't soften to that face?

These kids REALLY wanted to swim in our pool ALL WEEK LONG. It will be nice to return to a place where private space is private. And conference calls take place in offices instead of homes.

Puppies at four weeks! That's Rosie on the top left. She is developing quite an attitude! Just what you would imagine from a girl with three brothers. She is the best at hitting the paper.

Our personal favorite, Renegade.


lucythevaliant said...

CUTE puppies! And just look at his face... he totally wants another one!

Hillary Dickman said...

I think you're right!