Sunday, April 04, 2010

New Puppy Pics!

The puppies are now three weeks old. One more week until Mama Milly can begin weaning them and start her walk down the road to freedom. No more puppies for her, thanks to a PEACE Mexico spay/neuter clinic the weekend of May 7th!

Here is Callie with Rosie. It is nearly impossible to get a photo of Rosie by herself. If Callie isn't holding her, then another little girl is!

This is Rubicon. He makes the most noise and does not like to have his feet off the ground.

In the front of this photo is CJ. He has now taken Renegade's spot as the largest puppy. He also seems to be the most aggressive nurser (I suppose those two facts could be related), and I think Mama Milly will be glad when he switches to solids!

There is Renegade in the front. While he is still a pretty aggressive nurser, he seems to be the most "chill" of the bunch. He sleeps on his back with all his legs spread eagle and can relax when there is a lot going on around him.

Poor Mama Milly! Doesn't she look like she deserves a GREAT home and a break from puppies?
Here's Rubicon. His coloring is changing -- it is pretty fun to watch. They look a little different every day.

Callie with her friend Summer and, of course, Rosie.

At least she shares. Sometimes.

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