Saturday, April 03, 2010

A not so unusual conversation

Here is the summary of a conversation that Scott and I had recently. It's not too far outside the norm these days. I can't wait to see what kind of Google hits I get from this post. Groan.

Hill: Hey, I forgot to tell you, Libbie killed another chicken today.
Scott: Another one?
Hill: Well, I think it wasn't that healthy, and it was probably going to die anyway.
Scott: Where were you?
Hill: You know that park with the palapa? Across from the Prisa store near the diagonal speed bump by where the road detour used to be? (This is how we give directions in Mexico. There is no, "Oh, at the corner of First and Main." If only.)
Scott: Yeah, the park.
Hill: Yeah, well, the girls and I were taking Mama Milly and Libbie for a walk and we decided to walk through the park before coming home. I had Mama Milly and I have no idea which kid had Libbie, but there was a sort of teenage chicken hiding under a bush in the park.
Scott: Uh oh.
Hill: So, Libbie flushed the chicken out, ripped the leash out of the hand of whoever was holding her, and chased the chicken across to the bushes on the other side of the park. The chicken couldn't fly very well, which is why I think it was already sick.
Scott: Hmm.
Hill: Right about the same time, two drunk Mexican guys walked into the park. (Remember, of course, that this took place before 10am.) One of the guys said, "Your dog just killed that chicken." I said I thought the chicken might still be alive. So I had Brynn take Milly and Libbie. She tied them up to a bench.
Scott: She's been doing that a lot lately.
Hill: Yeah, she's getting pretty good with the carabiners. Anyway, I dug through the bushes and pulled out the chicken to prove to the drunk guy that it was still alive. It looked a little dazed. Callie saw it and REALLY wanted to hold it, so I gave it to her and I think she squeezed it so hard that she squeezed the breath out of it because a few seconds later the chicken's neck went limp and its head drooped to the side.
Scott: Oh, no.
Hill: Yeah. And then the guy who was talking to me laid down next to where Callie was sitting with the chicken and put the chicken's head in his mouth and inhaled.
Scott: WHAT?
Hill: I know! Callie said, "Mom, why is he sucking on the chicken's head?" and I was like, uh, I think he's trying to clear the chicken's airway? Callie didn't understand what that meant so she kept asking me questions but I wasn't sure if the guy knew English and I didn't want to hypothesize about what he might be doing, so I told her I'd explain it to her when we got outside. Brynn looked pretty puzzled, too. We put the chicken down on the ground next to the chicken rescuer guy and I said, "Um, thanks for your help!" And I waved at him and left. I didn't know what to do with a dead chicken. So we walked home and the girls asked me again what the guy was doing and I said I thought he was trying to do CPR on the chicken. They don't know what CPR is, so I kind of explained it to them but it probably didn't make much sense within the framework of a drunk guy and a dead chicken.

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