Monday, May 10, 2010


We loaded up on photos this weekend during what we thought would be the final hours of our time with three of Mama Milly's four puppies. As it turns out, we still have two of the puppies here. Welcome to Flexico.

I'm pretty sure that Nacho has had enough of this dog-rescuing business. He looks like he's about to take out his frustration on this peaceful, sleepy puppy.

Check out this one...Nacho has totally shown them who's boss. Does this puppy look scared? That's about as close as her tail gets to being between her legs and look at that facial expression and cowering posture! You tell her, Nacho!

Libbie is also over these puppies. She's not allowed to eat their food, they steal her toys, and they have NO sense of personal space, not to mention all that totally unnecessary mouth-licking they do. Agh, puppies. In this photo I think she knows what is about to happen next...

Yep, of course Scott wants a photo of the puppies with Libbie, but she would not have it. Not for a second.

Then there is the family photo. It's a little like This series belongs in the category, "Which one of these things is not like the other?"

Yep, the two boy puppies sit and wait patiently to have their photo taken. Not so for the girl. She is a wild woman and a bit of a problem child, although still totally adorable.

And then there are these. How can we think of not taking Renegade home? Look at that face! I'm in love with his wrinkled forehead most of all!

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carrie said...

Oh my gosh! Those puppies are so freaking adorable! If I didn't already have one problem child, I'd totally take one.