Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Common courtesy? Hello? Where have you gone?

Can you imagine boarding a plane and not looking the flight attendant in the eye while you say hello? Or dropping your bags at a flight attendant's feet for him or her to store your stuff in the overhead bin? Or being the person who stands in the galley -- the flight attendants' only free space -- and talks to the flight attendants when they would prefer to be taking a break from passengers?

I can't believe people do this stuff. Actually, I've seen the people who stand in the back and bug the flight attendants, but I can't imagine people who are so rude that they don't even say "Hello" on their way into the plane. But, according to this interview on FareCompare, flight attendants encounter more than their fair share of rudeness in their jobs. Bleh.

Airline Flight Attendant Q&A


Fulton said...

wow, that's crazy... you can ask Liz though, i haven't yet taken a flight where I didn't have the urge to yell at someone over their stupid carry-on... i say charge all of us, charge $50 for carry-ons (that aren't purses) and $30 for checked luggage. getting in and off the plane would be super easy then. no bags to mess with.

On one of our flights back from your house, there were these girls who between the 2 of them had at least 8 bags they were carrying. and they got annoyed when they were stopped at the door of the plane because they had too many bags. there really needs to be a plane bouncer with no conscience at the door to police the idiots. plane etiquette is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine as you can tell.

Hillary Dickman said...

A plane bouncer! I love it! You're so right about that.