Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mixed emotions.

I'm ready to share a little bit of what I'm feeling about our imminent departure from Mexico. But just a little.

Yesterday when Scott was telling a friend that he's leaving in 17 days, I hopped around the house and whooped it up like I'd just won the Superbowl. "Hillary, are you happy because your husband is leaving?" my friend asked, confused by my display of emotion. "NO! I'm happy because if he's leaving in 17 days, that means I'm leaving in like 20 days!"

How could I be so callous? Don't get me wrong -- I'm happy that I am looking forward to going home. How sad would it be if I were dreading returning to my house, my community, my friends, my neighbors? But we have friends here in Mexico whom we love and who love us. Our kids have friends here who they will miss. Good, kind, generous friends. We have friends who will take our children at the drop of a hat and keep them far longer than is reasonable. We have friends who have tried to include us in their circle from the very first time they met us. Friends who are open and honest and caring and fun. Leaving Colorado was easy because we knew we were coming back. Not so for this move. Occasional visits, yes. Daily visits, no.

While I'm thrilled to be leaving this dusty, loud, buggy, geckoey street, I'm sad that we have to leave these friends behind. When we decided to come here for the year, getting attached to people wasn't part of the equation. It wasn't something I considered or prepared for, and so leaving is difficult.


Grandpa Foy said...

We're definitely sad to see you depart from Mexico. It has been magical to have you physically nearby for an extended period for the first time since you were in high school. Having the opportunity to bond with Brynn and Callie has meant more to us than you'll ever know. Very few families would would give up the good life in Colorado to become fully immersed in a culture that is so much different. You and Scott are amazing! During your relatively brief stay in Mexico there is no question that you've had a positive impact on both people and animals. You will be able to leave Mexico knowing that, in a small way, you left it better than you found it. Brynn and Callie will hopefully continue to realize how lucky they are to live in a fantastic place with a family second to none. Scott can be proud that he faced a variety of difficult challenges in the work place and came through with flying colors.

As for us, we now realize that we don't actually live in the "real Mexico". We're in an area that is sheltered from most everything you've experienced on a daily basis. We're not unhappy about that, but rather even more aware of how lucky we are. We'll never forget all the joy you've brought into our lives and will miss all of you terribly. At the same time we're thankful to have had this special time with a very special family.

Hillary Dickman said...

Sniff sniff. Thanks, Dad!