Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our very peaceful, quiet street.

Anyone who has visited us here in Mexico knows that the street where we live is a serene, quiet, peaceful, relaxing place to live.

Uh, wait, what?

No, huh? It's actually a noisy, dusty, loud, sometimes stressful place to live. It has its quiet moments, but most of the time there is some kind of noise blasting in from the outside.

You never know what it's going to be. It could be little kids banging on the window and shouting, it could be a band playing out of tune trumpets, tubas, and drums to raise money for who-knows-what, it could be someone knocking on the door (thereby riling up the dog) in order to get donations for a bus ride to Tepic where they can get some untranslatable surgery for their little kid. Or it could be a car or truck with a blasting speaker selling one of about 25 different different categories of products.

Scott has been so amused by the amount of noise and the variety of products sold on our street that he actually made you a little video so that you can experience it all along with us.

Enjoy. And be glad that you only have the Ice Cream Man.


Bri!!! said...

That would be SO ANNOYING. Although the produce truck would be awesome. Who the crap buys a bed off the street? Your girls are so cute. Their accents are AWESOME! What a neat experience.

Liz said...

Oh my gosh, that video made my day! Although, it took quite a while after we got back to get the "zeta zeta" song out of my head.

Fulton said...

DONUT VAN!!! I'm telling you, that's a million dollar idea in the US. You might think it's annoying to have all the stuff pass by your house, but having visited for a week, it was kinda awesome. I miss it.

Hillary Dickman said...

Bri, I thought that about the beds off the street, then I looked at my kids' mattresses here and I'm pretty sure they're the same thing! Fabulous.

Thanks for the compliments on the girls' accents. Aren't they great? Brynn doesn't have a very large vocabulary, she tends to repeat the same ten words over and over, but at least those ten words sound awesome.

I realized after I posted this that I didn't say anything about the benefits of having all these guys driving up and down our street all day. The produce guys are great and sometimes save me while I'm in the middle of making dinner and realize I have no garlic. The household goods guy sold us one of those long brooms you use to get cobwebs, the gas guys bring in our propane tanks for us and get them all set up. If we just had a milk man, we'd never have to leave the house.

Liz, the Zeta song is almost always in my head. Torture.

Michael, I see a donut van in your future. It's all you, man. Drive past the high schools, the swim meets, track meets, could do it. I'll invest with you. :)

Laureen said...

OMG! All the memories!! I agree with Michael and a donut truck. Love seeing and hearing the girls!! Things will be soooooooo quiet when you get back to Colorado.

Jennifer said...

That is AWESOME!

Court said...

I just get the garbage man every day. It would be nice to have some of those so I didn't have to drive as much or get my grocery shopping done during a nap. Life will be so much quieter soon.