Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The tanking economy.

Sometimes Scott and I get frustrated when we save money and it seems to disappear into thin air. We're a financial planner's dream: no debt besides our mortgage, we save more than 15% of our annual income in good growth stock mutual funds, we don't spend more than we make. Some would say that we're anal and overly-conservative. I say that Scott is not a risk-taker and this lifestyle suits him well. It keeps his blood pressure low. Knowing that, here are Scott's remarks from a few minutes ago as he was reading the latest news on the economy:

SCOTT: The economy is tanking. Why save? Just blow the wad! We're like the most responsible early 30's people in the world, and look what's happening to us. I coulda had a nice car. Oh, I hope the Jeep didn't hear that. It really is a nice car. I coulda had a huge tv, too!

Luckily, he's all talk and no action. I think when we get home, I'll have to re-check out Affluenza from the library. That will set us straight.

By the way, you know how I told you about our new 15-year mortgage? In our very first payment, more money went to principle than to interest. Now that's something we get excited about! What can I say? We're nerds.


Fulton said...

i love it! nerds unite!

affluenza added to my book list.

Hillary Dickman said...

You had better start reading fast, my friend. There are a LOT of books on that list!