Saturday, June 12, 2010

Am I THAT Mom?

When we came down to Mexico, I knew I would want to go back home before school finishes on July 9th. Not so much because of the heat, not the rain, not the bugs. Maybe partially because I think that 10 1/2 months is too long for a school year. But mostly, I wanted to get home earlier so that Brynn wouldn't miss too much of the summer swim season. The summer swim season in Colorado is SHORT and only includes a few meets. This summer, there are nine meets, not including the state meet. That's just not enough. So, we planned to get back on June 16th so that Brynn could make seven out of nine meets.

She's not at the top of her age group, she's not a record-breaking swimmer, it is highly unlikely that she will even win any races this summer. But she loves to swim. And I really love to swim. And, again, seven meets? Not nearly enough.

So today I found out that this Wednesday's meet is a night meet instead of a morning meet like most of the Wednesday meets. (I know, I know, California people. WHO in their right mind has meets on Wednesday mornings? Clearly, Wednesday meets are supposed to be at night. It's very strange to me, too. But that's the way it is. When in know the rest.) And, it is indoors which is great -- if I have to stand outside at a night meet anytime soon, freezing my rear end off, I might hightail it back to Mexico.

Anyway, this Wednesday's meet is a night meet. Warm ups start at four, meet starts at five. So I told Brynn this morning, "Hey, you might be able to make the swim meet on Wednesday if you want to." Our flight from Puerto Vallarta to Denver is scheduled to arrive at 2:35. If we get out of the airport by 3:15, we could be home by 4:30. She definitely won't make warm ups, but since the IMs are the first event, she probably will make all of her other events. When I told her she might be able to go from the airport to the meet, she jumped, she laughed, she smiled, she carried on.

She wanted to swim IM.

No, no, no. I might be a nutty mom, but I am not dumb enough to think she can go from sea level to 6000-whatever feet in one day and then go swim a 100 IM. She's seven and she hasn't exactly been working out in the pool. Snorkeling? Yes. Practicing her starts? Yes. But that's about it. Give me a break. So I nixed that one. She is, however, entered to swim 25 back, 25 breast, 25 fly, and 25 free.

Which leaves me I THAT mom? I mean, who DOES this to their kid? Flies home from 10 1/2 months in Mexico, only to run the kid to a swim meet. Somehow we need to get the cats home before we go to the meet, which means we'll probably have to leave the car running in the driveway with the kids locked inside the car while we run the cats into the house and drop them. Welcome home, kitty cats. I am a bit concerned that if the kids walk into the house, we won't be able to get them out.

This whole race from the plane to the pool seems like a metaphor for the changes we are about to dive into as we re-enter life in America. Life in our part of Mexico (maybe all of Mexico) is slow and laid back. Want to go to karate class? Cool. Not tonight? That's cool too. Want to arrive at school at 8am? 8:15? 9:00? Maybe not at all? Sure. You don't feel like leaving the house today? No problem. Nobody is counting on you to actually show up to anything.

There are no activities, no schedules, no stress.

I think all this relaxation has left us with some withdrawal issues. So here we come. Jumping right back in.

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Fulton said...

im so excited for you to be back home again. not quite sure why though, your adventures in Mexico certainly have been fun to read about. Maybe because you won't seem so far away.