Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Guadalajara en fotos

Waiting for the bus.

The next morning, still wiped out from the bus ride.

Always up for a big breakfast. This was at Café Madrid in the heart of central Guadalajara. The woman who ran the restaurant wouldn't stop pinching Brynn's cheeks. That hasn't happened to Brynn since she was about 15 months old. chilaquiles with perfectly cooked eggs. Mexicans KNOW how to cook eggs!

Ahhhh...Mexicans also know how to do dresses.
Catedral de Guadalajara.

A university group playing in the plaza outside our hotel. They were way talented and so entertaining. All of them were both singing and playing an instrument.

The running man. This crosswalk signal doesn't just flash. As the seconds count down, the little guy below the counter starts walking faster and faster and eventually runs.

¡Viva la revolución! Che, el hombre más famoso en todo latinoamerica.

Mercado Libertad. I didn't get any photos of their shoe selection but, let's just say, I've never seen anything like it in my life. Mexicans must be CRAZY for shoes.
Goat, anyone?

They begged and begged and begged and finally we gave in to the one-hour, 200 peso horse and buggy tour of the city.
La Universidad de Guadalajara
Teatro Degollado outside. I'm not sure who that little twerp at the bottom of the frame is.

Teatro Degollado inside while waiting for Gergely Boganyi. Enchanting, world-class pianist for the insane ticket price of $3.50 per person.

The cieling in a great little restaurant, La Fonda de San Miguel. We love these star lanterns so much we bought nine to take home with us. They will eventually hang below our someday-to-be-built pergola over our someday-to-be-built patio where we now have a rundown, ugly wooden deck.

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