Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Happy Ending

I was just beginning to write about how Callie put on her Sleeping Beauty dress-up tonight only to find a giant cockroach crawling out of it and up toward her face which scared the junk out of her, but now I have something more exciting!

Milly has found a home! Okay, so I'm trying to be reserved and careful, because Milly's new mom hasn't even met her yet, but she has committed nonetheless and I can't help but be enthusiastic! This angelic woman is moving into a dog-friendly house in Vallarta and decided that she wants to adopt the oldest dog she can find, care for her in the twilight of her life, and then adopt another old dog and so on. God bless this woman.

Old dogs have bad habits. Old street dogs have worse habits. But, by golly, they still need to be loved. They have been abandoned by their guardians and cannot care for themselves. Just like any other living being, they deserve to finish their lives with decency. Milly's new mom will offer her that and much more. I am so thrilled I cannot put it into words.

So, here's to happy endings and generous, selfless people. I love them both.

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