Thursday, June 17, 2010


The mountains, the clean, sweet-smelling air, the reasonable time zone. Ahhh, it's good to be home. Did you know that in San Pancho we were on Central Time? In our last week there, it was dark every morning until after 7 o'clock. Now, back in the land of logical time zone boundary-making, the sun comes up at...I don't know when. 5:30am? Something normal considering that we are nearly to the longest day of the year. What a relief that is.

And the air! Aaaah, as I drove yesterday with the windows down I got a few whiffs of Colorado. I don't know what the scent was, but it reminded me of home. It wasn't moldy or musty or dusty or concretey or spilled garbagey like what we've been smelling lately in San Pancho. It was sweet and fresh and crisp. I didn't even know I'd missed it! Of course, the trade-off is that now I've got the dry-air crusty nose that requires daily neti-potting in order not to bleed, but I think it's worth the sacrifice.

Lastly, to update you on whether or not I actually AM "that" mom...I apparently am not. Well, maybe I was for a second but I am now redeemed. On the way home from the airport Brynn began getting nervous and doubting whether or not she really wanted to go swim in a meet during her first hours home. We told her, "'s too late. You're signed up and your team is counting on you to be there. They need you to earn points to help the team win. Plus, if you don't go now, you'll feel nervous like this before your meet next week. So let's get it over with." She sucked it up and arrived at the pool like a deer in the headlights. No smiles, no hugs for old friends, her voice nearly mute (actually, Callie did all the same things and she wasn't even swimming in the meet).

Brynn hopped into the pool for backstroke and not only did she swim a state-qualifying time, a new best time for her, but she came out telling her dad, "I want private lessons so next time I can beat that girl who beat me." Thatta girl! I love her!

Her second and third events were 25s freestyle and breaststroke. Again, she got her best times and when she saw the results posted she wanted to know how many points she earned for her team. Lots. Like maybe 40 points between the three events.

As we left the meet, Brynn exclaimed through a huge smile, "That was so fun...I don't ever want to miss a meet!"


Anonymous said...

Not sure what part of San Pancho you were in... Your comment: "It wasn't moldy or musty or dusty or concretey or spilled garbagey like what we've been smelling lately in San Pancho..." - that just ain't right. Thanks for visiting our beautiful San Pancho. Come again soon. Geno

Hillary Dickman said...


We were on Nueva Galicia for ten and a half months. I'm sorry we didn't meet while I was there!

We seemed to have lots of moldy, musty smells in the house where we were staying, but I'm sure you know how that is. Lots of damp spots in that climate. Plus the garbage cans down our street that seemed to be constantly knocked over and we had to walk past them to get to school every day. There was plenty of dust swirling around the house where we stayed, from the cars and trucks driving past our house 24/7, and the concrete smell from the road construction.

I don't believe that all of San Pancho smells bad, and there are definitely some good smells...especially when Tacos con Amor has their al pastor cooking. But the smells there are definitely different from what I'm smelling here now. Right at this moment, the smell here in Colorado just can't be beat.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the "smells of Mexico" I remember them well!! Nothing like Pure, Fresh Rocky Mountain Sky!!
SO GLAD Brynn enjoyed her swim meet! WOW!! Great job! Joslin