Sunday, June 06, 2010


It seems that we must be bad pickers-of-names.

There are some people in our family who are good at picking snap peas and some who are good at picking strawberries. One special member of our family can pick off a quarterback and excels at the pick and roll. One of us is evidently picks a lot of mosquito bites, one can pick a mean wedgie, and at least two are quite good at picking noses but, unfortunately, none of us seems to be very good at picking names.

How many dogs have we fostered and named this year? Seven. How many of those dogs have been adopted? Seven. How many still have the names we gave them? One. But the spelling seems to have changed on hers so, technically, we're 0-7. Here are the changes:

Petunia -- Peanut
Bubbles -- Bambina
Rubicon -- Benson
CJ -- Don't know, but I know it's not CJ
Rosy -- Don't know, but I know it's not Rosy
Renegade -- Boone
Milly -- Millie

I know the names we choose are a little strange, but it would be really great if we could get our name-keeping rate above, say, 33%.

We, too, have been name-changers in the past. Anna and Libbie both came with their current names and spellings. We weren't in love with their names, but we weren't passionate about choosing something different. Nacho, on the other hand, used to be named "Homer." That one was NOT going to stick. I think the shelter named him that because he was found in a factory and Homer Simpson works in a factory? Something along those lines. Except that Nacho in no way resembled Homer Simpson, at least not when Nacho was a kitten. He was more like Speedy Gonzalez and so the name "Nacho" seemed more befitting of his spunky personality.

Knowing that the names we picked have been changed is a little our legacy no longer exists in those animals. On the other hand, it is very likely that none of those seven animals would be alive now if it weren't for us, so, our legacy lives on despite the changes in names!

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