Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh, the shoes.

The first day of school was great. The kids had a blast. They love their teachers, they love their school. But getting to school was a bit of a challenge.

Brynn was her usual, easy self. She got up, she got dressed, she ate, she cleaned up her dishes, she grabbed her bag and was ready to go. Callie got up, got dressed, did NOT eat, did NOT clean up her dishes, fussed about carrying her "heavy" (empty) backpack, and then spent fifteen minutes trying to tie her shoes to her impossible-to-please satisfaction.

Scott and I often say, if we had known that number two would be so much more difficult than number one...I will let you guess at the rest.

And we say it, but we don't really mean it. Callie gives our lives a lot of excitement. She challenges us. Sometimes she brings out the worst in us, but mostly because we don't have the patience necessary to deal well with a child so arbitrarily particular and so very passionate. We're growing, though, and constantly praying that God would give us the wisdom to know how to parent her best. And he probably winks and laughs and thinks, "Good luck!"

Here is Brynn that morning, waiting for Callie. Photogenic and happy to be in front of the camera, as always.

And then out comes sweet little sister, Callie. Time to tie her shoes. They must be tied so tightly that they leave an immediate, deep imprint on her skin, and the loops must be exactly the same size and significantly shorter than the free ends of the laces. And she must do it herself.

Hmm, how do they look? Nope, that one's not perfect. Let's re-tie it for a fifth time.

Eventually Brynn ran out of patience and started in on the normal big-sister antics, dancing around, jabbering, teasing her little sister. The more she teased, the more flustered and angry Callie got. So Brynn had to go sit in the corner of the driveway and not make a sound. Thankfully, she obeyed.
Libbie is the most patient of the whole family, waiting and waiting and waiting for the walk that was not to be -- I can't carry my camera and deal with a bunny-chasing dog.

When Callie lined up outside her classroom, this is how she looked. Not happy, not mad. Maybe a little nervous. That is her friend Natalie behind her. When I left Callie to go help Brynn find her line, Callie was standing quiet and serious in front of Natalie.

When I returned from dropping off Brynn, they were chatting.

And then...difficult to catch, but if you look closely, you can see her cheek sticking out. She's smiling! The first smile of the morning and I couldn't see it!

And as she walked into her classroom, she flashed another big smile and quickly covered it up with her folder. Best not to let mom know that she's over the shoe fiasco and happy again.


Bri!!! said...

So after all those tries she ends up ditching her shoes for flip flops? That is too funny.

Hillary Dickman said...

Yeah, it's very Callie. If she'd had unlimited time, she would have kept trying to get the shoes on "right." But since she was on a schedule, she switched to flip flops. She wanted to wear her Crocs but her teacher gently recommended against Crocs and Callie took her seriously!

Fulton said...

this is the situation i am terrified of as a parent. i can already say that i DO NOT have the patience to wait for the shoes to get tied. I'd give her 2 tries and then it's off to school we go no matter what. im thinkin we would have arrived at school with a lot of tears.

Timmy said...