Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TRiNiTY Brewing. They asked for it. No, really, they did.

How ironic that this image is the one I ran into on the Trinity Brewing homepage...inviting me to give them my feedback. Yes, so I have some feedback to offer. Unfortunately, it won't do much good to share my feedback with the restaurant since the owner is the one who kicked me out.

You read that right: the owner kicked me out. My five sober mom-friends and I were kicked out. Seriously.

It still seems so surreal, I'm not even sure what to say. Because, honestly, it is just so unbelieveable. So wrong. So impossible.

Here's the 411:

8:45pm: Waitress notifies us that it's last call. "Can I get you ladies another beer? Iced tea? Water?" Laura and I order waters. We've been there since 6:45 and we've each had two beers (I had the Awakening Stout which was divine, unfortunately). The other women with us have each had one beer or one glass of wine. And we've had food. Market salads, sweet potato fries, pan y queso. We're about ready to call it a night, but we're eating some very creative (and tasty) cupcakes and need a bit of water to wash them down before we pay the bill.

8:50pm: Waters arrive. We drink. We laugh. We finish our cupcakes.

8:55pm: The waitress drops off the bill, followed closely by Trinity's owner. "You know we're closing right? It's time for you to leave," he tells us. Based on his tone of voice and his cold nonverbals, I immediately identify him as an incompetent communicator and assume that his incompetency is the sum total of his problem. We let him know we're about to pay his bill and then we'll be out of his hair. Since several people are lingering at the bar and tables, we don't feel rushed. Yet.

9:00pm: The owner returns. "It's time for you to leave," he repeats. The brewery is still about 1/3 full. With customers. We are confused, but he is insistent. "You must stand up and leave now." Ummm, uh, but...we haven't gotten our credit cards back yet. We're not quite done paying. Why are you kicking us out? "You have offended me," he replies in a creepy monotone. Really? What did we do? "You offended me. You have to go." No, really why?

Apparently nothing that makes any sense was going to escape from his dreadlocked, bearded jaw tonight. As he walked away, our waitress gave us an, "Oh, my, this is embarrassing" look and then we heard that this is how the owner acts when he's drunk. "The owner? OWNER?" we asked. Yes, the owner.

Hmmm...that stinks. When it's the owner who acts like a jerk, who are you supposed to talk to? Because all six of us were already mentally composing our complaints to the owner. But that clearly wasn't going to do any good.

As we made our way to the door, one of the moms with us attempted to get an explanation from the owner one more time. "Really, let us know what we did to offend you so that we can make it right." He mumbled something back at her about how this is how he acts when he's "drunk" and she said, "You know, it's really too bad. I liked this place. I was going to come back with some friends."

His response? "Good riddance."


Who says that? Certainly not a man who wants his business to flourish.

So very sad to regret the dollars I've spent at Trinity in the past. To regret enjoying their food. To know that this was an establishment that was headed in the right direction. The recycled, upcycled, reused elements of the restaurant, the food from local farms, the 10% human-powered discount, the used brewing mash that went to the local pig farmers instead of into the landfill. I could go on and on about what this brewery COULD have been.

But when the owner is a self-proclaimed jacka**, it's just not a place I want to support. I vote with my dollars and I can't vote for that.


3boys247 said...

Well said Hill. That was just so weird. He is going to wake up tomorrow and wonder what happened as he is clearly too drunk to remember this evening. We, on the other hand, are women and we never forget a thing!

Hillary Dickman said...

Amen, sister.

Birgit said...

The whole thing really was unbelievable. You described it exactly how it happened. I'm calling the BBB today, but it probably won't do any good.

Carla Carmine said...

Very nicely stated! Thanks for sharing the story.

Rick said...

Birgit...You should not only call the BBB, you should follow up with them til the bitter end. If he wants a good rating from them, then he'll take it seriously.

I'll never go there again...

Anonymous said...

I stopped in there just prior to the restaurant opening. The person at the front door who claimed to be the owner was very condescending and belittling to me. I decided to never eat there and still haven't...I'd love to join you ladies some time, some other place for a bite and a cocktail!

Hillary Dickman said...

Thanks Jodene. I'm glad to know it wasn't just us! We'll let you know next time we're out on the town for one of our wild and crazy parties! :)

Timmy said...

That is SO sad, because I had a truly WONDERFUL time at Trinity, spoke with the owner who (at the time) was very VERY polite, spoke with me about where they get their beers and how they had just visited some festival up in Northern Colorado, and so the beer that I fell in love with (some cherry flavored one) was only a keg that they were soon to run out of, and he then apologized to me that were not going to have it all the time.

Such a shame that he is a total d-bag when drunk... This is a perfect example of why excess is never the answer...

Hillary Dickman said...

So, we've recently found out that there are two owners and we've heard that the other one (the non-dreadlocked-bearded one) is quite nice. Maybe that is the one you ran into. I'm trying to figure out how I can buy out the not so nice one. If only I had a bit more money. :)

Maria B said...

I vote for sending a complaint. The Yin and Yang owners both need to know what's going on when "Yang" is drunk and in charge. If you do complain, let me know if you gals win the battle. Good luck!

Wayfinder6 said...

My friend Danny shared your blog with me. Early in Trinity's existence I stopped in, excited to have a microbrewery in my neighborhood - fully intending Trinity to become "my bar." But I couldn't get served standing at the bar. Apparently, my GI Joe look isn't acceptable at such a chic place (and I wear my hair long for an Army guy). Patrons arriving at the bar after me were amicably served. Only when it became very obvious as to what was happening did the tender descend from the great mountain of coolness and serve my establishmentarian butt.

Needless to say I have decided to spend my hard earned dollars for better priced, and generally better tasting beers, at the Bristol Brewery where I am greated with a smile and a tasty Laughing Lab.

To paraphrase Finger Eleven:
This club has got to be
The most pretentious thing

This club will hopefully
Be closed in three weeks
That would be cool with me