Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This weekend Brynn went up to her room to read a book. As she approached her open doorway, she started howling. "My room is too messy! It's too messy! It's not RELAXING!!"

Downstairs, Callie started to giggle. "What are you laughing about, Callie?"

"Well," she replied, "Brynn said she wants her room to be 'relaxing'."

"So?" I asked.

"Rooms aren't supposed to be relaxing."

"What do you want your room to be?"

Callie didn't even have to think for a second. "Playful. My room should be playful."

And it is...er...was. This weekend we painted over Callie's formerly favorite shade of orange, a color I call "highlighter orange." Her room is now back to Restoration Hardware's Butter, perhaps the most perfect shade of light yellow I've ever seen. With all the pink and turquoise in her room, it is still playful, but not quite like a highlighter.

Ahhh...today's project. Must fix Callie's chair.

My big fall project, after I finish grading papers, writing an exam, grading an exam, canning the 50 lbs of tomatoes that are staring at me, and fixing the skirt that is falling off of Callie's reading chair, will be to redecorate Brynn's room. I picked out the fabrics a couple of years ago because they were on sale for SUPER cheap at Hancock Fabrics, and luckily Brynn likes them even more now than she did then. There is a lavender basket weave and a pale lime with lavender flowers (from Laurie Smith's discontinued fabric collection -- remember Laurie from Trading Spaces?). I've added a few other purples and already purchased (during the big Sherwin-Williams sale this weekend) a gallon of Restoration Hardware Lilac. Against white, it looks like pale, pale lavender. Against lavender it looks like pale gray. Hopefully that will be "relaxing" enough for Brynn. If I'd let her choose, the walls would have been PURPLE. Not relaxing.

I'm going for a pallet ranging from white to lilac to lavender to a few purples with just a hint of lime green thrown in for interest. There will be some new furniture (which will be built be yours truly, maybe with Scott's help because he thinks I'll cut off a finger when I use his saws), lots of new fabrics, new window coverings, new paint, and a different furniture arrangement. And maybe a new floor. Whoops! Did I say that? I'm not a fan of carpet. So it may go, too. I will keep you posted.

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