Thursday, September 23, 2010

A serious choice

A few friends posted links to a video on Facebook last week about the dangers of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). I knew that CFLs were annoying (the color is SO hideous) and I found out after installing a few in our house that the bulbs contain mercury and must be disposed of properly, but I did NOT know that the waves they emit might screw up people's health.

At first I thought it wasn't too big a deal, since we only have CFLs outside our house and in the closets. But then last night, as I freaked out while trying to find an extension cord so that I could plug in Brynn's one incandescent light in her room (which moved to a spot with no plug when we rearranged her room last week), I realized that both of my girls have CFLs in the main light fixtures in their rooms and I absolutely hate those lights. Which is why we MOSTLY have them in closets only. And apparently the kids' rooms. Oops. The color is so cold and sterile it drives me up a wall. I put the CFLs in the girls' rooms so that in case they forgot to turn of their lights (which they rarely do), we wouldn't waste a tone of electricity. And then I tried to avoid turning them on because I so despise them.

I've got to change them. First, because of how hysterical it makes me when those lights are on at night. They drive me crazy. Second, because of the mercury. Need I say more? But now, with the goofy stuff they do to people (possibly inducing migraines, worsening asthma, and who knows what else?) it's time to get rid of them.

So I'm going to replace them with LED lights which are environmentally friendly and not so unfriendly to our bodies. But these LED lights last for ten years. And they are not cheap -- think $35 per bulb, at least. So I'm making a real investment here. Which brings me to the serious choice...what wattage do I go for? 100? 75? 60? It's kind of a lot of pressure!

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