Thursday, October 21, 2010

It must be fall

This fall, as happens every, every year that we haven't been in family is at the mercy of my fall soup obsession. So far this week we've had pumpkin soup (from San Francisco a la Carte -- my kids LOVED it), cream of tomato soup (from Cook's Illustrated Soups and Stews -- Scott said it was the "best ever"), and tonight we'll be having roasted cauliflower soup (from an old issue of Gourmet Magazine). I'm trying to replicate the roasted cauliflower soup we had at the wedding last weekend. I never would have considered making it without tasting it first -- it was super tasty.

Although I always love the warmth of soups in the fall, part of my obsession this week is due to my refrigerator being overloaded with CSA veggies (fall is bountiful here in Colorado -- we finally have an abundance of tomatoes and peppers, plus the usual cruciferous veggies and leafy greens), and part of it is because Scott and I overate last week while on vacation and need to get back to normal. So, we've been eating spinach salads for lunches and veggie soups for dinners. Actually, as Jen (the bride) was zipping up my bridesmaid dress last weekend, she asked whether I'd even tried it on. She was having a tough time getting the zipper up. Eventually we got it zipped, but I didn't take a deep breath all night long. I swear it fit perfectly a week earlier. But a week of vacation -- you know what that can do!

So, here's to your fall recipes. Cheers, and enjoy the abundance.


Fulton said...

i have never been a big fan of soups. i don't feel fulfilled by a meal that i have to drink.

(although pumpkin soup sounds intriguing)

Hillary said...

Scott would agree with you on that, which makes fall especially hard for him.

In our house, soup always comes with a good loaf of bread from our farm or a grilled cheese sandwich. :)

Kristin said...

The Cream of Tomato soup recipe online? I have it as a menu item for a dinner on 11/1.

BTW, I may rip off the RL Aged Mint for a nursery dresser. Love your locker!

Hillary said...

I will send you the tomato soup recipe, and a sample of Aged Mint since apparently Home Depot is no longer carrying RL! Nursery dresser!!! Woot!