Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My very own pumpkin spice latte

I realize that there are easier ways to get a pumpkin spice latte than making one yourself from scratch. I'm not exactly known for doing things the easy way, and I am both too cheap and too lazy to drive to Starbucks to get one of their pumpkin spice lattes, so here is my alternative version. It's not as sweet as Starbucks, which I'm sure you could figure out how to remedy if you are so inclined.

1. Along with your coffee beans, grind a bit of whole cinnamon, a few whole cloves, and some nutmeg. Or add ground versions of all three to your beans before grinding or add them to your already-ground coffee. If I had ginger on hand (I usually do, but not today) I would add it, too. But then I guess it would be more of a gingerbread latte? I suppose you could just use a bit of pumpkin pie spice, also something my spice drawer is missing today.
2. Make espresso -- I use my stovetop espresso maker similar to this one for almost all of my coffee needs. I suppose if you are a drip or french press person, you could just make extra strong coffee in your regular pot?
3. To half a mug of milk, add a squirt of pure maple syrup and microwave until hot. Yes, PURE maple syrup. Not Mrs. Butterworth's or Log Cabin. Or use sugar if you don't have real maple syrup.
4. Froth your hot milk and maple syrup with something like this.
5. Pour your autumnally-flavored strong coffee or espresso into your hot frothed milk and bask in the glory of your self-sufficiency.


suzanne said...

yum! i always wish i was a coffee drinker this time of year! i love that you are too lazy to go to starbucks, but you will take the time to whip up a fancy, homemade autumnal latte. that's why you are GREAT, hill!

Hillary said...

LOL. Yes, I thought about the irony of me being too lazy to drive to Starbucks but happy to make the effort to make a special coffee in my kitchen. Maybe it is due less to laziness and more to feeling guilty for driving my car somewhere that I should probably go by bike, and I'm too lazy to do that?!