Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Meanwhile, back in the garage...

I'm still working on Brynn's new floor (tung oil finishes are not known for being fast), but I'm also getting back to building. Yesterday I cut the wood for these two new bookcases, and today I put them together. It took me about two hours to cut the wood and five hours to build them. Tomorrow I'm going to try to figure out a solution for making the tops look prettier (cove molding and an overhanging edge?) and I'll start sanding and filling the holes. Then these babies will sit in the garage until all the rest of the furniture is ready for paint!

The design for these bookcases came from Ana White's website. The thing I love about them is the dividers -- I love the idea of having cubes for Brynn's books instead of just straight shelves. She has a hard time keeping her books looking decent, and I think this will help. Plus, I can fill a few of the empty cubbies with canvas baskets to hide some of her...er...stuff.

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