Friday, November 19, 2010

My dog looks just like your dog! Except...

Libbie guarding her latest treasure, a deer foreleg.
See the hoof? Her wolf ancestors would be so proud.

Libbie walks to school with the girls and me every day. And back again to pick them up in the afternoon. Consequently, she knows most of the kids at school and they all love her. They fall all over her, rub her tummy, kiss her nose...all while she is keeping a vigilant eye out for her prey. Bunnies and squirrels, of course.

This morning on our way home from school, we ran into a boy who, while petting Libbie, said, "She looks just like my dog! Except she's not as wild."

"Oh, really?" I asked. "Does your dog have a curly tail, too?" I believe Libbie's tail is her most distinctive, and comical, feature.

"No," he replied. "Actually, my dog is a Golden Retriever."

Ooooh, right. I see the resemblance.

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Fulton said...

Libbie looks a lot like our dog! except in a 16 pound body and no curly tail =P.