Thursday, January 20, 2011

And the drama ends

The drama of the cheap-o not-full-extension ball bearing drawer slides, that is.

It only took three trips to Lowe's to get the slides right. The first trip I bought six slides. I destroyed the first two (which I maintain was actually caused by a design flaw rather than my incompetence). Scott picked up two more, but one of them had previously been opened and returned (which is why I put that slide back during my first slide-buying expedition...c'mon people!). That one was not like the others -- it didn't allow the drawer to slide all the way into the box. Which is probably why someone else had returned it already. So, this morning I took back the lame slide, as well as the two I destroyed, and picked up one more to complete the drawer slide installation.

And, finally, voila! Drawers are in.

Next up, attach drawer faces, attach pulls, paint and attach base trim, remove baseboards so that the units will sit snug against the wall, possibly trim out the ends of the two end units to match the drawers, and make the upholstered cushion for the top.

So...I'm not quite halfway done.

On a different note, the most exciting news of the day is the arrival of my Blue Like Jazz associate producer t-shirt and coffee mug. After my thank-you phone call from the director, Steve Taylor, last week, I'm getting pretty stoked about the movie! I might even find a babysitter so we can go see it in the theaters. Now THAT would be exciting.

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