Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ball bearings are my enemy.

I stopped into Lowe's today to pick up three pairs of drawer slides for the drawers in the new storage bases. Unfortunately, there was not a great selection of drawer slides and, seeing as I'm too lazy to drive two miles to Home Depot or Woodcraft, I had to deal with what was available. The only undermount slides that would fit my drawers were light duty (35lb max, which will likely be much too light) and they were supposed to be mounted one per drawer, in the center of the drawer (not going to work on a 27" wide drawer). To make matters worse, they had ball bearings, which I hate with a passion.

You see, we had these little pencil tray drawers mounted under our old Techline desks and they had ball bearings in the drawer slides and they absolutely SUCKED. They never opened as far as they were supposed to and eventually they never opened at all. So maybe ball bearings aren't so bad, but in my experience, they're lame.

But, again...too lazy to drive to another store, so I deserve the ball bearings, I guess.

Anyway, I got two of the slides attached to the first box and the first drawer (two mounted twenty inches apart instead of one in the center). I managed to get the drawer inside the box and on the slides but then realized that the slides were not positioned far enough back in the box, so the front of the drawer was going to be too far forward in the box. I undid everything, redid everything and suddenly ball bearings were rolling all over the floor.

I told you they suck.

So I opened a new package, started from scratch with the slides attached a bit farther back in the box and this time it worked swimmingly. Or, rollingly. I wish they were full-extension glides, I wish they were rated for a heavier load, and I really wish they were ball bearing-free. I wish I didn't hate driving around town to find what I need. But, I am what I am, right?

So ball bearings it is. And now I need to go back to Lowe's to pick up one more pair. So much for not driving.

Here is the first finished box. Well...not totally finished, but the first box with a drawer installed. The drawer face will get attached to the drawer after I've installed the other two drawers -- that's the face sitting on top of the box.

I painted the three drawers different colors -- blue, orange, and green. Just for fun. And because it seemed like a good use of random leftover paint. All three drawers got a good sanding, a few coats of paint and a coat of poly before being installed in the boxes.

Once I've finished installing the drawers and faces, it will be time to attach the base trim (to cover the gap below the unit) and then make the cushion for the top. Somehow ski trips, dentist appointments, volunteer commitments and (imagine this...) WORK keep getting in the way of finishing this project! C'est la vie.

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Annalea said...

Ahhh! A blogger who doesn't write "Say la vie!" It does my heart good to see it. :o)

And I can't wait to see those boxes done. It looks like they're going to work great.