Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Be still, my heart...

because when I look at these photos, I feel like I might pass out.

Here are our basement "before" photos. Yesterday I foolishly promised to share them. I would like to preface these by saying that MOST of this stuff was in boxes when we returned in June. Then we started unpacking boxes bit by bit, but left the stuff we didn't want/didn't know what to do with and now it is all scattered around the basement. Hence the mess. This kind of mess is not my M.O.

Entering the abyss.

Getting nervous.

Feeling overwhelmed.

Starting to spin in circles because I don't know where to start.

At least I've got Steve to keep me company. And that cute little silhouette. I remember my kindergarten teachers working on that project. I should make some of the girls and hang us all up together! Speaking of which...maybe Scott's mom has an old profile shot of Scott I can use to complete the family silhouettes? Like YHL did here? That would be a good way to get out of working down here...

Oh, how I want to sell this gigantic desk. Too bad it's covered in stuff that all needs to be stashed elsewhere.

On my way up the stairs loaded up with stuff for Goodwill. Watch the tripping hazards.

Yeah, gonna need to switch cars with Scott for a while. This little trunk ain't gonna cut it.

But at least it's a start! I'll share more when you can actually tell that I've made a dent!


Bri!!! said...

Daunting indeed. You should see our garage...yikes. Is that a mazda 3 I see?

Hillary said...

Yep, that's my little Mazda 3! I think I may have just done some damage to the clutch, trying to back into my garage from our snowy driveway. Oops. But if it's not parked backwards, I know I won't keep filling the trunk with goodies for Goodwill!

Scott said...

Hmmm. A little worried the next blog will be about my dirty underwear.

Fulton said...

must... resist... cleaning... it's motivating to see what you're doing.