Sunday, January 30, 2011

A cake which did not fail.

Scott's birthday was on Thursday. I contemplated several options for his birthday dessert. The first thought was a Costco cake. Terrible, I know, but sooooo good when that's what you're craving. He was craving one this fall but after Brynn's birthday and the half cake we had leftover from her party, I was pretty sure he wasn't craving one anymore.

The second thought was a cake from the best bakery in town, Marigold. It was a bit over my budget.

The third idea was to make an orange cake (his childhood favorite) from Alice Water's basic cake recipe in The Art of Simple Food. This cookbook is, in my mind, the one indispensable cookbook that every kitchen should have. I'm sure the basic cake recipe is great in the hands of any normal person. Unfortunately, the last time I attempted to follow it the cake was an epic fail. It did make good cake balls, though.

Actually, most of the cakes I make are epic fails. They fall apart, they crumble, they look like crap. Sometimes literally.

But this one was amazing.

It's a Guinness Chocolate cake. Yep, two of our favorite ingredients. Together.

Guinness + Chocolate. It's a match made in heaven.

Top it with some frothy cream cheese frosting, and you're in heaven.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

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