Thursday, January 13, 2011

I wonder if this means I'll be cleaning up board games?

Richard at Lowe's rocks. He cut up ALL my MDF (nearly 3 full sheets worth) on Tuesday (for $0.25/cut), and he got every cut right. I think when I am finished with this project, I will bring him photos...because it was some major work for him. Every piece of my three storage bases is square! So different from me trying to wrangle a giant piece of wood across our undersized table saw. It's really amazing how simple it is to build something when all of your pieces are square.

Anyway, so the giant board game storage bench is underway, as you can see. Boxes are built, faces for the drawers are built. Today I'll be filling holes, sanding, and priming. I'll head out to Lowe's to buy drawer glides which I have NO idea how to install, but I guess that will be a new,, learning experience.

I'm also trying out the hardware on the drawer face. It's an extra-long black cup pull that looks like hammered iron. I think I like it -- big and chunky enough to fit the furniture, black to tie in with the myriad of black frames on the wall where the bench will live, and on sale for $4/each. Not bad.

Now I'm starting to wonder...once I get this giant bench and all of its storage capacity into my house, and I fill those giant drawers with board games, am I going to spend every afternoon picking up board game pieces after my kids do a post-school raid of the games? Right now the games are out of sight, and kind of out of mind. Not for long, though. Hmmm...maybe this isn't such a good idea.


Court said...

I didn't know that they would cut for you! Maybe I'll have to try a project now. Not having a table saw (or time) has always been a good excuse until now I guess.

Hillary said...

I think it depends on the store. They all have the ability to do the cuts (the giant saw is usually in the back of the lumber section), but not all of them are happy about doing them for you. I tried to go when I knew it wouldn't be busy, but there ended up being another customer waiting through half my cuts to get his plywood cut up. I think the intention of the saw is to rip a huge sheet of wood down to a size that fits in your car, but it sure beats trying to make square cuts on a tiny saw.