Monday, January 31, 2011

Should I go artsy on it?

While I was working on finishing up the storage bases, I also refinished (and added an extra shelf to) this bedside table for Brynn's room. When Brynn's big room reveal happened on her birthday, I hadn't decided yet what I wanted to put next to her bed for a bedside table, so I just left it out and figured I'd get to it eventually. Eventually is here -- I decided to put a new finish on her old bedside table and put it back in her room.

At first, it was going to be a straightforward white finish. But then I was inspired by some tables at the Evergreen Cafe in Buena Vista. I was thinking I would do something similar on Brynn's table. But will it be too cluttered? Too much? There will already be a lamp, a clock, and who knows what else on top of the table. Dare I go artsy on it as well?

Here are the inspiration tables:

Here is the top of Brynn's table. What do you think? I need some feedback!

By the way, here was Scott's feedback: "Just put something little in the corner. It'll be like a little accent. Like a nose ring."



Liz said...

I'm a simple person, so I'd say leave it as it is. But the more important question is, what does Brynn think?

Hillary said...

I was just about to say, "Hellllooooo? Anyone going to help a mama out here??"

So thanks for your comment.

I think I'm leaning toward leaving it as is, too. Mostly because the top will soon be busy enough with cr--- um, stuff.

Brynn wants me to "paint the top with flowery stuff." But I let her choose the drawer/shelf color and choose the hardware. That's enough choices for an eight year old, right??

StacySanders said...

Hey Hilary! I think it would be adorable to put some flowery stuff in the corner. Do you suppose Brynn could actually do it herself? :) Just a thought! :) Or perhaps you would feel better if she designed it and you painted it? I ADORE the night stand, btw, and Brynn, we are definitely on the same wave length with the hardware!!! <3 <3 <3

. said...

I say keep it simple. I love the tree you already have on her wall an you could probably tie that in here on the nightstand. Maybe even some branches on the top in the corner and then have them "fall" down on to the drawers.

Hillary said...

Stacy -- smart idea, to let Brynn do it! She could rock it, probably. The only issue would be finding time to do it with her little sister wouldn't throw a FIT about it!

A -- that's a great idea! Maybe even do the branches in green on the top and then reverse to white where they connect on the green drawer?

Fulton said...

i say let Brynn decide.