Friday, February 11, 2011

Change of plans

Maybe not so much a change as a slight modification? A new goal?

Yesterday while walking home from dropping the kids off at school, I saw a foreclosure house being gutted. Among the items in the driveway was a sad looking 70's style two-tiered chandelier with a mixture of bulb types and a few hurricane shades. It was dirty and ugly...and free. So it came home with me. If nothing else, I've got a great imagination. I'd love to fix up that old chandelier and repaint it and hang it above the mirror in our new basement bathroom. If we ever get there.

After I picked up the chandelier, I saw this photo in a book I checked out from the library and I also read that light coming from the front or side of us is more pleasing than light coming from above.

See that little hurricane sconce in the middle? I like that. I saw it and thought...hmm, I'd love to find two sconces that work with the free chandelier to go on either side of the non-existent bathroom's non-existent mirror. And, funny enough, I stopped into our Habitat for Humanity ReStore today (my first time there, unbelievably) and found two sconces that match my free chandelier! And guess how much they cost...

Are you ready?

Four smackers each. Yep, a whopping total of $8 for my two sconces and the two-tiered chandelier. Add to that the cost of paint and new light bulbs, plus wiring the non-existent bathroom and I think you'll agree that we've found ourselves (er, I've found myself) a pretty sweet deal on lighting!

And, because I know you're curious, here are the ugly old light fixtures that I'm planning to re-make:

As I was taking my time browsing the ReStore, I found some white subway tile identical to the tile in our kitchen. It's the tile I've been planning to use on all of the bathrooms in our house. Daltile 3x6 tiles in Arctic White with a matte finish. The ReStore was selling them for $1/square foot. That's about half the retail price, so I picked up all they had. I ended up coming home with three boxes of field tiles and one box of edge tiles -- fifty square feet in all.

I also saw some doors that will work in the basement as well as a mirror (I think it came from a hotel because there were about 15 of the same one) with a lovely rope detail on the frame and a nice beveled edge on the mirror. I'm planning to go back and pick up the mirror when I drag Scott down to check out the doors. The mirror is a steal (in my opinion) at $30. Super heavy-duty frame and the perfect size for our non-existent bathroom. I'll just repaint the frame so that it goes with the rest of the room. What can I say? I love cheap.

All of this cheapness and the overwhelming stock at the ReStore got me much of this basement project can I do with re-used, re-purposed, recycled materials? And that thought led me to change my goals for this project. I'd like to use re-purposed materials for as much of the project as possible.

I'm sure it won't be one hundred percent re-purposed, but I'm going to start keeping track and visiting the ReStore before making any major construction purchases.


Fulton said...

sounds like a good re-goal. although you probably don't want a re-purposed bed/mattress/futon down there!

also, I think you just motivated Liz to go to our ReStore.

Hillary said...

Ha ha! Re-goal. I like that.

I highly recommend a visit to your local ReStore. I think I'm going back again today. :) I'm even trying to figure out if I could fit a once-a-week four hour volunteer shift into my schedule!

Yep, probably the bed/sofa will be new, unless I find a Pottery Barn pull-out sofa on Craigslist...then I would consider buying a used one. Other things that won't be used/repurposed? The toilet, for sure. Probably the plumbing fixtures will be new. And the floor. The ReStore has a ton of great floor tile, but I don't think I want to do tile in the whole basement, but maybe in the bathroom. And I'm going to order some tall cabinets from Ikea that will fit perfectly in the hallway. Everything else that I can manage will be thrifted/ReStored/picked up out of someone's trash pile. ;) Our HOA's spring dumpster day is coming never know what kind of goodies you'll find in the dumpster!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but stumbled upon your blog several months ago. You are amazing with the projects you are able to complete and I greatly enjoy your writing and sense of humor. I could never come close to even considering doing some of the projects you have done, but you truly are inspirational! I guess I can live vicariously through you. Perhaps some day when we aren't both working full time, my hubby and I can do some fun home projects. Keep up the impressive work. I like reading about it and seeing your photos!