Sunday, February 13, 2011

My kid is a genius.

Maybe both kids are geniuses (genii?), but Brynn showed it today.

This morning, I was about 2/3 done cutting a hole in the utility room wall. I was cutting out the studs and drywall to make room for a new door. I ran out of time and had to go shower before church and left the job unfinished. As I was drying off from my shower, I heard her downstairs in the hallway saying to her dad, "Oh, I thought the door would be over here."

I wondered what she could mean. Then I realized that she meant she thought the door to the utility room would be at the bottom of the stairs instead of around the corner.

Immediately I felt like a complete dummy. Brilliant! Of course! Why would I break up a wall of storage with a door when I could put the door right at the bottom of the stairs? I've been into a few other houses with our floorplan and all of them had the door in the spot where I had been cutting the hole this morning. It never occurred to me to move it to a completely different location.

So after church, I measured and stared and measured some more. Then I asked Scott what he thought. He thought it was a brilliant idea, too.

Brynn gets the credit for this fabulous design change.

See it here in the plans. Here is the old layout. The current utility room door is near the future toilet. My plan was to move it into the hallway between the tall cabinets. That's where I was cutting today.
Here is the new plan, with a pocket door at the bottom of the stairs. The pocket door will disappear into the wall under the stairs when it is opened, saving lots of valuable space in the utility room and not intruding on the hallway.

Possibly the best part of this new plan is that now I can put a regular closet in on the long wall in the hallway. Not only will that give me more storage and be significantly cheaper than using cabinets (actually, the Ikea Pax wardrobe system was my most recent plan), but I already have six-foot bi-fold doors that I can put on the closet.

Both of our girls' rooms had bi-folds on the closets when we moved in. I changed them out for curtains to help counter the echos and the pinched fingers. I love having curtains in their rooms and can't imagine going back to bi-folds, but I really like bi-folds, too. At least, I love them on closets. I love to be able to open both sides and see everything at a glance.

I'm still considering all my options -- maybe I'll go with curtains? That way the closet opening could be wider and it would soften the space considerably. But, I love the idea of re-using our bi-fold doors. They've been sitting in the attic for about six years, just waiting for a job like this.

In related news, we managed to completely clear out the gear closet (aka: utility room) this weekend and do some necessary electrical work (moving light switches and electrical outlets) before knocking out the wall for the pocket door (one and a half times). In the process, we managed to kill only one circuit breaker, Scott only shocked himself once, and he only stabbed himself in the thumb with a screwdriver once! He bled several times from several different "accidents," but the screwdriver to the thumb was the worst incident. I jigsawed through one live electrical wire (oops) but other than that I came away mostly unscathed, save for really dry skin and more than enough drywall dust up my nose. So, no permanent damage was done. I call that a success.

And the work continues. Tonight may be a late night of pocket door installation for me!

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Court said...

I was thinking she got the genius from you until (sorry Scott) until O read about the jigsaw and the live wire. Now I have some doubts. :)