Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I scream, you scream.

It's possible that my favorite part of planning birthday parties is designing the invitation. I kind of missed out this year with Brynn's birthday party because I was drowning in carpentry chores. So, I've been having more than my fair share of fun working on Callie's party which is coming up this week. The invitation (minus the time and RSVP details) is pictured above.

I also decided to do a coloring sheet for the kids, as well as name tags to make life easier for the person who will be giving them a kitchen tour and making a batch of ice cream with them.

And last, but of course not least, I thought this year's party deserved its own custom thank you notes. Pretty fun, right?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! You little designer you! Do you know how to use Illustrator? And what don't you do??? : ).
And that cake was SO impressive. I'm pretty sure you should have your own Martha Steward-y kind of show or magazine. Well, at least you have this blog so we can all get some inspiration from your many talents and endless energy!