Friday, April 15, 2011

Callie's a winner!

Among her many talents (she is ambidextrous and can apparently shoot a soccer ball left-footed, she can make a joke out of anything, can throw a fit at anything, can read school announcements over the loudspeaker with remarkable clarity even though she would never read said announcements to a crowd she could see, she can add two digit numbers in her head, and can sew a halter top that fits her Barbie uncannily well), Callie is also apparently quite artistic.

She is pictured above with her award winning piece aptly named Bird on a Branch. She has a way with words, too...did I mention that? Pithy, isn't she?

I think my favorite part of parenting is seeing my girls' gifts develop. Callie has an amazing mind for space and color. She can draw things the way she sees them in her head and she has no fear of combining colors that you or I would never dare to put together. I should take a photo of her outfit every day before sending her to school -- she's like a living, breathing version of Punky Brewster, only with a less predictable temper.

Brynn, on the other hand, is impressing me with her steadiness as she gets dragged from gymnastics to swimming or dance to swimming and never complains. Her pre-season swim practices have started and she's loving them. Watching her in the water is like seeing a flower bloom, like watching one of God's creations move the way He built it to move. She's beautiful and strong and consistent and lovely. And best of all, happy.

I am so thankful that I have these girls in my life.


Bri!!! said...

love this post

Grandma D said...

Love your art work Callie! Grandma needs that hanging on her wall. We are so blessed to have such wonderful creative grandchildren!

brynn said...

Mom, you have a few family secrets,next time you post Ineed to help