Thursday, April 21, 2011

Caution! Men at work!

Er, in this case, WOMAN at work. Now, that's not totally true. Scott put some muscle into a bit of demo and framing for me, and he's going to do the electrical, but so far it's been 95% me. And I'm not griping, I'm bragging. Pride is sometimes a problem for me...I'll try to tone it down now.

We had our first of two plumbers over yesterday to check out the basement and give us an estimate on roughing in the bathroom plumbing. (That's something else I won't be doing on my own. And I'm considering hiring a drywaller, too. Some things just aren't worth the trouble.)

Here's the good news: the main waste drain in our house is downhill from where we're putting the bathroom. This means a few things. First, we won't need a pump to get waste to the drain. Second, roughing in will be cheaper than we had originally thought. We will get the first estimate back this afternoon and another on Friday or early next week. Then we'll have some actual numbers to work with.

Here's the bad news: in my head, I was imagining the bathroom being impossible and, thus, me getting to turn the basement into a workspace for myself. A workshop, to be more specific. A non-garage place to build, finish, and refinish furniture. Ahhhhh...but my dreams have been dashed by my good luck, so it's back to the garage my mind must go (and back to the driveway for our cars).

I'm trying to be smart about this -- I assume (though I haven't looked it up) that a second bedroom and full bath will add more value to our house than a workshop. But, if a potential buyer were a woodworking kind of person, the shop could theoretically add significantly more. The chances of that, though, I would guess are not nearly as good as a potential buyer wanting more bedrooms and bathrooms. So there you go. Practicality stinks.

Here's how the remodel is going so far. I've ripped out the carpet and padding and given both away via Craigslist (not to the local landfill, hallelujah). I've scraped off the popcorn ceiling (and haven't come down with mesothelioma, yet...we'll get back to that in thirty years). Scott muscled out the header from the old doorway to the basement in order to get a more continuous ceiling from the stairway into the basement hallway. I framed in the new ceiling in the hallway and the hall closet, leaving us with the minimum hallway clearance of three feet, but still a sizeable (eight feet wide by two feet deep) closet for more basement storage.

Today I go back to Lowe's to pick up another load of ten foot 2x4s and then I'll get on with framing the new basement bedroom door. Wish me luck.

The view coming down the stairs. There used to be a doorway at the bottom of the stairs.

The new closet is framed in on the left. Standard 6ft opening, thankyouverymuch.

My beloved closet from another angle. That beautiful little desk will be repainted (the kids messed up the paint on top) and moved upstairs to Scott's new office once the guest furniture has been moved down to the basement.

Home of the future bathroom and closet. The blue painter's tape is helping us get used to the size and layout. Closet to the right, then wall, bathtub, 30" vanity, then toilet.

The corner where the door to the mechanical room used to be. Now there will be a toilet! And I put in some vents for our nitpicky tankless water heater -- it needs plenty o' fresh air.

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