Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Oh deer.

As Brynn was heading out to school a few days ago (and I was still helping Callie gather her backpack, etc.) I peeked out the window to see Brynn standing in the driveway throwing her arms up in the air and jumping around like she was trying to spook something. Sure enough, when I looked a bit further down the driveway I saw a herd of deer walking toward her. Knowing better than to try to walk among them, she tried to scare them off, instead.

But she's not very scary.

So I opened the door and sent Libbie out. The deer scattered like leaves in the fall and Libbie came running back to the front door with her satisfied, "I did it, Mom! I did it!" look on her face.

Brynn thanked me and continued on her way.

I am so blessed.

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Bri!!! said...

Oh my that is so cute.