Thursday, May 05, 2011

My new love: Reclaimed Wood

I'm still working on that lovely little basement project. You know, the one where we had a leak, I ripped out the drywall and carpet and then decided I might as well turn it into a guest suite?

Two weeks ago I framed in the closet and then last week I did the bedroom door. I finished up the closet framing with some storage above the closet to make use of the 9 foot ceilings.

I considered leaving the upper storage open and using baskets to hold whatever ends up there. Nope, that would be waaay too easy.

Then I decided that, with all the gorgeous barn doors I've seen in blogland lately, I should pick up some wood from a neighbor's old fence and build some old-looking cabinet doors for the top of the closet and sliding doors for the bottom.

I'm still hard at work on the sliding doors (need to go grab a few more pieces of wood to finish them off) but I've finished the cabinet doors and I'm in love.

In love with reclaimed wood.

Why? First, no finishing. No finishing! You build it and then it's done! Okay, so I did oxidize the newly cut ends to make them match the old look of the rest of the wood. But other than that? Nothing. Second, it's free. Need I say more? And third, it's reusing something that would have gone to the landfill. What's not to love about that?

Stay tuned for photos of the finished sliders!

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Ana White said...

you had me at ripped the drywall and carpet out . . . and framed the closet!

LOVE the doors!