Saturday, May 21, 2011

PROgress or REgress?

Plumbing work in the mechanical room, connecting the bathroom fixtures to the main house drain.

Digging in the toilet, sink, and shower drains.

I guess sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. Such was the case with the basement bathroom rough-in. First, holes cut in the subfloor. Then, piles of dirt on the floor and eventually piles of dirt moved to the crawl space. Then I had to rip off all the drywall on the plumbing wall so that I could fur out the wall with 2x4s to accommodate the new plumbing and even out the surface of the wall since there's a bump out that won't work with the shower. All that work created mountains of dust and debris, which I hauled out at 1am this morning in six big trash bags.

Someday it will be done. Someday.


Court said...

Glad Steve is there to supervise. :)

Hillary said...

Oh, yeah. Always. We're thinking about leaving him there in the closet when all is done.