Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The "S-Word"

Tonight while they brushed their teeth, Brynn and Callie were having an argument. In the midst of that argument, Brynn threatened to use the "s-word" on Callie. Later I asked her, "So what exactly IS the s-word?"

She held up two fingers (Dr. Evil style) and whispered, "Shut up."

Ooooh, right. I should have know that.

It's common to hear that kids are growing up too fast these days. Girls hit puberty earlier than ever before, they have sex earlier than ever before, and they fight for their independence before they are mature enough to handle it. One might expect that by second grade a child would know what the real s-word is and how to use it, especially if that child goes to public school and occasionally witnesses ugly outbursts from her parents. Even more so if at age five, that child screamed about the "faaaahking" rental car window that wouldn't roll up. (She was swiftly told that "faaaahk" is in fact not a real word and, not wanting to sound silly, that word magically disappeared from her vocabulary.) I'm thrilled to say that, although some children definitely are growing up too fast, my children have somehow been spared from that fate. So far.

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Fulton said...

that's really phenomenal! im very impressed. gotta keep your house as G rated for as long as possible. i hope we can do as well as you in the future!