Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's talk about inspections

Had I known then what I know, that the hallway has to be 36" (nope, 34 1/2 apparently doesn't cut it) and that hallway width trumps standard closet depth. Or that a bathroom has to be on its own electrical circuit because hair dryers blow the circuit otherwise. Or that when I pulled down that drywall, what I found behind it was the cold air return and it needed be panned and sealed to meet current code...which was much more difficult to do after furring out the wall and adding the bones for the built-in medicine cabinet. I wish I had known that you start by submitting a sketch to the building board, not by going straight to the permit desk and pulling a plumbing permit. It would have been nice to know that the building inspector would measure the not-to-code hallway, that the plumbing inspector would tell us to install the exhaust fan and then call him back but he would tell the building department that we needed to pull mechanical, electrical, and building permits...

Yeah, there's a lot I would have done differently had I known then what I know now. But, now we're in up to our necks and hoping to get it done before the end of July. I'll either be ripping out the closet and rebuilding it or getting a variance for the 1 1/2 inches short that the hallway width is because of the closet depth. Of course, the next time our variance can get approved is July 22nd. It would be a bummer to wait until then to sheetrock, right? Especially if they deny us, which they probably will. Sigh. Scott is rewiring as I write and then we'll wait for our electrician to connect the rewiring to a new circuit in our very nearly maxed out electrical panel. Whew...we're lucky even to have a spot for the new circuit.

The one thing I probably wouldn't do differently? I probably wouldn't NOT pull a permit. I'm glad to be doing this all above the radar (although not happy about the taxes that will befall us because of the extra bathroom and I will fight that for sure), I just wish I'd known more before I started.


Fulton said...

oh man, that stinks! sorry you have to deal with that after all your hard work. hope you get the variance!!

Annalea said...

If they try to raise your taxes, they're full of hot air. With the real estate market doing what it's doing, the worst that should happen is your taxes stay the same, instead of dropping.

Best of luck!!!