Friday, June 24, 2011

A month out.

We're about a month out from our first guests in the soon-to-be guest suite downstairs. There is no floor, no drywall, and certainly no furniture. No toilet, no sink, no tile on the floor or walls. But the electrical is done and passed inspection, as did the plumbing and mechanical. We're still crossing our fingers for a variance on the inch-and-a-half too narrow hallway and at the same time plotting our course in case the variance doesn't come through.

All I can think is, oh my word. What have I done? My house is a pit. There's animal hair everywhere. Nobody has clean clothes. I've yet to swim in the pool this summer. My children and husband are losing weight because I can't muster the energy or creativity to cook for them (I, of course, am holding steady as always). What the crap was I thinking?

Someday this will be a long-forgotten season of exhaustion. And I will sit on a comfy sofa down there and watch a movie in 7.2 surround sound. And gaze at my beautiful built-in cabinets that I BUILT MYSELF. Mostly. On a wall that is about as flat as the earth. Which is to say, not at all flat. Someday.

These aren't the newest photos, but they're new to you and, honestly, not much different from what I'm seeing down there today. Hopefully we'll sheetrock next week and then things will resume moving along. Hopefully.

Why yes, those ARE two perfectly square and plumb pocket doors, thank you very much.

Bathroom through the doorway on the left, walk-in closet to the right.

The one existing wall with the new closet framed in on the other side.

Tub and screwed up plumbing which had to be ripped out because I chose the wrong kind of shower valve. Rookie mistake.

This is that round wall. I know you can't tell from the photos, but trust me...the cabinets and shelving I'm installing are flat and the wall is...not. Not at all.

Someday you will look through that doorway and see a beautiful custom vanity made from reclaimed wood and perfectly centered reclaimed chandelier reflected in the built-in custom medicine cabinet mirror. Seriously, what have I done?

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Bri!!! said...

Oh the dog hair...Good thing I love our dog, otherwise she would be out of here. That is definitely what I notice the most when I am too busy to keep up with all the "other" stuff.